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We are a band.


     Paging Doctor Moon is an indie band from Pittsburgh with an alternative soul and sound.  Alchemists by nature, blending neo-psychedelia, the heart of a jam band and a touch of post-rock to create songs that are layered with emotional nuance and intricate musicality.  

     Influenced by contemporary bands like Crumb and Rubblebucket - pairing funky grooves with dirty tones, like if you ran Lake Street Dive through a garbage disposal.  Kirsten, Christian, Derek, Spencer and Reed perform regularly in Western PA and the surrounding regions.  

Opener History                                                            Festivals         

Ghost Note - Thunderbird Music Hall                   Three Rivers Arts Fest

Oh He Dead - Thunderbird Music Hall                  Garefest

Yam Yam - Thunderbird Music Hall                        The Band Jam 

Eliza & the Delusionals - Black Forge                   Deutschtown/North Side

Sydney Sprague - Club Cafe                                     Millvale Music Festival

Doc Robinson - Club Cafe                                         Fuzzfest

Brahctopus - Hollywood Theater                            Jambridge

MINKA - Spirit Music Hall                                        Midsummer Rock Falls


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"a dusty slow burn, full of wailing guitar licks"
"The rich guitars float in dreamy textures, while the driving drums guide you in this wondrous sonic journey. The tender vocals add a pleasant pop / neo-soul vibe to it...unique, intriguing and extra hypnotic."
"...a kaleidoscope of sounic combustion with bouncy basslines, emotionally raw vocals and catchy melodies. Elements of rock, pop, soul and soul are all fused together for a unique musical tapestry."
"soaring vox and tightly wound musicality"
"the perfect song to listen to when you need to let loose and express your outstanding sound that is both psychedelic and groovy."
"a breezy tone that honors the motions through which your brain goes when trying to reach a better place"
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