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We are a band.

christian hoffman guitarist
reed worth guitar
derek martin bassist
spencer rakoczy drums
kirsten heibert singer songwriter

     Five piece out of Pittsburgh, PA with an alternative soul and sound. Kirsten Heibert started recording professionally in 2018 in Brooklyn, NY, and brought the music back home in 2021. She found drummer Spencer Rakoczy in a DIY-storage unit studio, and lead guitarist Christian Hoffman through his work as a guitar technician. Derek Martin funks it up with his saucy bass lines and dance moves - a longtime friend and bandmate of Hoffman's. Reed Worth, from college, is the newest member, thickening the soup on keys, vocals and rhythm guitar.


     The songwriting sets Paging Doctor Moon apart. Each player is unique in their own right, deeply understanding their artistic responsibility to serve the song first. Heibert writes to heal and provide a space of catharsis through music. 


     Influenced by contemporary bands like Crumb and Rubblebucket with a touch of the 90s and a nostalgic feel. Currently performing regularly in Western PA and the surrounding regions.  The band has been lucky enough to open for Oh He Dead, Eliza and the Delusionals, and to share a stage with Gallactic at the Three Rivers Arts Festival.


     Heibert released their debut album ‘Lost My Body’ in 2021 independently. Follow up EP ‘Bug’ was released independently in 2022. The band will be releasing their first three singles together in 2023, starting on August 18th with 'Dirty Alcoholic.'

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